Five Strategies to Connect With the Present

It is difficult to stay focused on the present when we continue to allow the past to be a distraction. The past only takes place in our mind through our memories and only has the power we give it. In fact, most of our breakdowns come from just that place of memories and since we think in form of images, remembering is like experiencing the moment again.

This is what happens: we cancel the creative energy with fear that prevents us from exposing ourselves by creating stationary brakes. As a result, we invest more time defending ourselves from life, repairing circumstances – instead of investing our life preparing ourselves and experiencing it in its entire splendor.

So, what to do? How can we stay in the present, empowering our dreams?

Invest your thought energy in what you love not in what you fear. This supports you to focus as much as possible on winning both intelligent and creative solutions in a challenging situation. Where your attention goes, your energy goes. Where your thoughts go, your words and your actions go. Make sure you cultivate good thinking, invest only in your growth because your focus defines your direction.

Ask yourself the difficult questions. Do not depend on someone else to formulate them for you. This gives you an advantage and keeps you alert in the present, making it easier to start with what you have at hand.

The difficult questions are the questions that take us away from our comfort zone, focus our commitment and challenge our will. They bring awareness and usually point us in the right direction.

So ask!

Use the question as a tool of awareness and change for your life.

Correct. Make changes before the change becomes necessary. If you change your strategies but do not make adjustments in your choices (and priorities) you will still have the same results. The most relevant corrections usually are not about strategy but about character. The higher quality of our character, the better quality of our choices – consequently – the greater the possibility of realizing our dreams.

Avoid “Shortcuts”. The longest distance between you and your dreams are the shortcuts. Nothing will be simple if we keep choosing the easy way of doing things. The process is what gives us experience, influence, understanding and relevance. There is no other way. Live the process! Take the lead! Do not underestimate the potential of either.

Eliminate from your agenda everything you should not be doing and eliminate from your life people who do not add you in any way. The sources of influence in your life matter. Why? Because impact your thinking style and your results. That’s a lot of influence! Take care of the relationships that add to your well-being and learn to say “no” to those that drain you.

With this in mind, be sure to keep your focus where it matters and what matters in your present! When the opportunity comes to our life there is no time to prepare. We better be ready, alert and aware to choose the right path. Put it into practice and the past will no longer be a distraction to develop your greatest potential!

Silver Jewelry As a Present For Different Occasions

Holidays and special occasions are fast approaching, It is indeed a perfect idea to start looking for your present for your special someone, friend, relatives and family. Silver jewelry, I can say is one of the most valuable and surprising gift your love one can receive. For any occasion, silver jewelry will never be outdated.

Silver jewelry works for any types of clothing and skin tone, with its huge available supply and affordability from head to toe surely you can get a set of jewelry without compromising its quality. Like silver earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches, watches, necklaces and anklets.

In terms of present or giveaway for wedding occasion, a piece of silver bracelet engraved with “thank you” is a very sentimental piece your visitor or sponsor could received. It is a sign of appreciating their presence, witnessing one of the most important part your life. Your next chapter of building your own family.

Silver jewelry such pendant and chains of bracelet is another appreciative present for parent to receive for their new born child, a”Christening Present”. The parent can let their child grow up with your bracelet, always remembering you as the child’s godparent. Who promises to help raise the child in a Christian manner.

Regardless of the cost, any woman will be delightful to receive a silver jewelry for her birthday. It is the nature of women to put sentimental value to a gift from someone who appreciates her, especially if its something you personalized or “something given with effort”.

There is a wide collection of silver jewelry you can choose from to be a birthday present, but mostly for a friend, they prefer a bracelet engraved with words they can’t personally say how much that person means to them. Silver bracelets ranges from simple to a more decorative styles with crystals, diamonds, semi-precious stones or silver pendant as well.

For a Silver Wedding Anniversary present, a silver ring is a meaningful present you can give to your wife. Spending a quarter of a century or 25 years in love with one person is to be celebrated. Make it a memorable anniversary full of silver by making use of silver decorations.

Christmas and Valentines are fast approaching everyone is busy looking after with their gift to be wrapped for their families, friends and special someone. A stunning silver ring, earring, bracelet, watch, anklet, pendant and necklace are few of the many things you can wrap as a present of love. Make it a habit of giving a present, without expecting something in return, you may never know until when you will be together. So start to appreciate that person today. Even a small piece of pendant stringed on a simple ribbon can be a stunning present. Make everyday Christmas.

Making Yourself Memorable – PowerPoint Presentation

Did you know that using a PowerPoint presentation can be one of the most effective ways to address a large group of people? With such a variety of learning styles, using a visual presentation allows you to reach a large group of people – particularly those who need to see it to believe it. What better way than to create a stunning PowerPoint presentation?

Have the data, but lacking that polished finish? A good way to start is to look at templates to get an idea of which style suits you and your presentation. By accessing numerous templates at you be able to create stunning presentations. Looking at an individual slide or downloading an entire sample presentation can inspire you to be more creative with the content that you include in your own presentation. There are many charts and diagrams in different templates that can really spark your creativity and give you additional ideas to give your presentation a professional look. While looking through the samples, consider that if you are wowed by the slides, graphics, or charts, your audience probably will be too.

What works? There is no magic formula, but there are amazing presentations. With the ability to create almost anything imaginable, there is no limit to what can be included in your presentations. Vibrant colours, sleek graphics and stylish photographs all contribute to making a great presentation even better.

What does not work? Avoid the overuse of clip-art. Although there is some good quality clip-art out there, too much in a presentation can be distracting and give it an unpolished, unprofessional look. That is not to say that there isn’t a time and a place for a cleverly placed clip-art picture. Another thing to watch out for is wordiness – before adding a slide filled with text, consider adding the supplemental information in a handout.

Handouts are another great idea because you are providing your participants with additional information which adds value to your presentation. The added bonus of using handouts is that you are giving your participants additional information, which includes your contact information (a great instrument for making new connections and contacts).

Try to tie in visual cues that will help people remember and associate images with you or your company. The key is to make yourself, your presentation, and your information valuable and memorable.