Care Enough About How You Present Yourself

Stack everything in your favor. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot, before you get started.

I am not talking about fashion or style here. I am just talking about how you present yourself. How you present yourself says loads about who you are and how much you care about yourself.

You need to maintain the following at all times. I know this list seems obvious, but a ton of guys I have seen in the “field” are not taking care of the obvious. You need to be mindful of these things even if you are not going out to meet women.

1. Clip your nails short all the time. Keep them short and clean. There is nothing more repulsive to a woman than a man growing claws with grime underneath. Trust me, they will notice them in an instant.
2. Clip your facial hair – keep them under control: nose, ears, and eyebrow hairs.
3. Shower every day.
4. Deodorant: duh.
5. Brush and floss teeth as much as possible.
6. Have breath mints with you at all times. Depending on where you meet a woman, you may have to talk to her up close (like in a club). Don’t offend her with rancid breath.
7. Get a cool haircut!

A woman will paint a story about who you are and what your life must be like based on these things. Be mindful of this and keep your basic hygiene under control at all times. Don’t let your hygiene count against you; they are simple things to take care of, but are profound.